Longevity Rhythm Cuisine


This collection of services are open to both hospitality professionals and the public. It offers in-depth explorations and learnings into optimal health and a truly balanced sense of well-being. Areas covered include natural cycles, human circadian rhythms, holistic health, ancient healing systems, sustainability and living with compassion.

Chef Training Retreats at Luxury Locations

Personally hosted by Donatas, these week-long retreat programs have been specifically created to offer transformational instructions for chefs and hospitality professionals in the area of Conscious Cuisine. Topics covered include menu design for wellness, detox and weight-loss; culinary evolution, clean cuisine and nutrition; organic practices and sustainability; and eating for optimal energy and performance. The retreats incorporate theory, hands-on training and a detox program experience. The retreats can held at a location of choice for a gathering of teams from a single hospitality group, or for professionals from different organisations.

Longevity Rhythm Cuisine Workshops

These mind awakening workshops offer unique experiential introductions to Longevity Rhythm and Conscious Cuisine philosophies. Topics range from history and theories of nutrition to simple ways to fundamentally optimise your life potential. The key areas participants learn about include longevity studies, circadian rhythm, chronobiology, conscious culinary practices, Root-to-Table, artisanal traditions, forms of hunger, optimal nutrition, natural cleanse, and ancient eating philosophies.