Chef Training & Education


This selection of services was developed to support schools, private residences, and well-being service providers with chefs or cooks who are just starting or already are confident in their craft. But most importantly are motivated and have willingness in planning, developing and preparing healthy and nutritious cuisines.

Healthy school menu development and Kitchen Training

In this program of service, exciting and tasteful menus and meal plans are designed to nourish children with optimal plant-based nutrition. The focus is on supporting the children with balanced immune functions, optimal well-being, and developing lifelong healthy eating habits. This comprehensive program covers design and implementation of wholesome plant-based menus, healthful treats, staff training, interactive workshops for children, and educational workshops for parents and school personnel.

Retreat Chef & Educator

This service is suitable for chefs who already work with retreats or are looking expand his or her service scope. Completing this program enables a chef to confidently support retreats, create detox or weight loss menus, and offer informative and engaging educational workshops.

Family Cook or Private Chef Training

This service is suitable for busy professionals or families who have special dietary needs or would like to live his or her best through a nutritionally vibrant diet. It is also ideal for people who experience impaired movements or require home assistance. A private chef can come into your service, or your existing chef can undergo a training program that is customised to your needs. Special short-term programs can also be created for cleansing or therapeutic purposes.

Clinic or Medical Center Nutritional Cuisine

Enhance your client offerings and your client’s well-being outcomes with targeted eating and nutritional plans. The bespoke dietary schedules are ideal for detox and cleanse pre- and post-treatment; therapeutic diets; recovery and healing; food education; coaching support. Detailed individual assessments are undertaken to engineer personalised programs and menus for your clients.

For centers with onsite kitchens, this service can also support you to smoothly upgrade existing kitchen practices and develop healthy menus.

Converting and Retraining Existing Establishment

It can be overwhelming introducing holistic culinary practices and conscious cuisine concepts to a conventional hospitality business. It may be as small as adding a selection of new items to your existing menu, or a complete transformation of your brand. This program is aimed at offering a complete system to assist your enterprise with a smooth and successful transition.