The overall chef training and educational presentation for the F&B department was conducted extremely well. The menu is a great option for those who are gluten free, dairy free or vegan. We had the opportunity to test  the program with different people which were not vegan. The guests were extremely happy about their discovery and experience. Over all it is a great menu that works well for those who are 100% Vegan and for those who are experiencing vegan food for the first time.

— Luca De Negri | Executive Chef

Rosewood Hotels, Phuket

Donatas successfully developed and implemented complete eating nutritional programs and kitchen systems. He also provided beneficial and well-received nutrition and consultations to the guests. The healthy eating workshops were offered to resort guest on a regular basis and were highly educational.


The LifeCo, Turkey and Thailand

I highly recommend Donatas as a Food and Beverage consultant. He was excellent with our F&B staff in training them about wellness and conscious, healthy menus. I found him easy to work with, open minded and flexible. His understanding about wellness relating to diet is vast. Donatas’s input will assist any resort in providing their guests with valuable conscious eating menu options. He worked closely with our chefs on food preparation, presentation and creativity. We will have him return on a regular basis to assist us to grow in our understanding of conscious eating for our guests

— JOHN DUNBAR | General Manager

Pa Sak Tong, Chiang Rai



Rosewood Phuket
Phuket, Thailand

Wellness plant-based cuisine philosophy development.
Menu development and training.
Food & beverage department education and training.


The LifeCo
Turkey And Thailand

Executive Chef of Raw Vegan And Plant-based Cuisine
Coach of Nutrition And Wellness


Pa Sak Tong
Chiang Rai, Thailand

Plant-based cuisine menu development and training.
Plant-based nutrition education.


Phuket, Thailand

Director of Plant Based Nutrition Research And Development
Consultant of Plant Based Cuisine and Education Workshops


Nicolas Torrent
Miami, Usa

Raw & plant-based food production optimisation, recipe development, implementation and food hygiene efficiency practices


An Oasis of Healing
Arizona, USA

Raw & Plant Based ketogenic menu development and training
Plant based ketogenic nutrition & cooking staff coaching


Kao Sok, Thailand

Raw vegan chef training.
Plant-based nutrition.



Raw Vegan Ketogenic Programs research and development.


Raw 42
Vilnius, Lithuania

Raw Chef Consultant