Sustainable food & beverage business includes not only CO2 emissions, recycling or ethics, but also efficiency, innovation in practice, transparency in communication, and responsible business management.

Based on applied knowledge and effective practices, closely monitoring current trends, and maintaining close collaboration throughout the supply chain, we can develop effective business management tools and solutions.

Food and beverage companies can operate more conscious and sustainable businesses by choosing the most appropriate tools and practices at the right pace.

More sustainable, bio-available ingredients let us discover new ways to reduce and even replace levels of refined sugar, salt, calories, and saturated fats—all while increasing probiotics, prebiotics, fibers, plant proteins, wholesome sweeteners, and responsible animal-based ingredients.

Conscious Food & Beverage Solutions

This series of offerings are ideal for F&B service providers that are new to healthy cuisines or are looking to overhaul existing menus or product lines. Each solution is customised to impress your clientele and best create success for your organisation.

Training and Chef Placement Solutions

This selection of services was developed to support schools, private residences, and well-being service providers with chefs who are confident in planning and preparing healthy and nutritious cuisines.

Education, Workshops & Programs

This collection of services is open to both hospitality professionals and the public. It offers in-depth explorations and learnings into optimal health and a truly balanced sense of well-being. Areas covered include applied sustainability, natural cycles, human circadian rhythms, holistic health, ancient healing systems, psychosocial impact, and living with compassion.