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Longevity Rhythm & Conscious Cuisine

Living in tune with nature and natural cycles is the only way to experience optimal health and truly balanced sense of wellbeing.

Longevity Rhythm & Conscious Cuisine incorporates botanical elements that naturally and practically calibrates mind and body using foods that are selected to be eaten in the right time, correct combination for optimal digestion and absorption.

Every organism on planet Earth depend on electromagnetic sun energy, which also with a help of nutrients in a soil and nitrogen in the air synthesis nutrients required for optimal digestion, absorption, energy, health and longevity.

Even most ancient healing systems and lifestyle approaches such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Native African and Native American Civilizations followed natural way of life aligning with cosmic changes, seasonality, 24-hour circadian rhythm and foods that are best to eat locally, seasonally and well combined.

Being in synergy with our internal clock, environment embracing natural changes is by most cases a very easy way to improve our health and psychological wellbeing without medications, treatments, or other mechanisms.

Timing is built into every biological organism on Earth in greater or lesser synchronization with our central environmental clock, the sun.

In 2017-10-02 The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institute has awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly to Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young for their discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm.

Their discoveries explain how plants, animals and humans adapt their biological rhythm so that it is synchronized with the Earth’s revolutions. Circadian Rhythm & Longevity Nutrition aligns the human body’s internal clock to the Sun’s 24-hour rhythm for optimal digestion, absorption, assimilation and nourishment.

Eating foods according to how they process sunlight is a natural and effortless approach to food and nutrition.

Current science and nutritional research confirms that the diet full of plants prolongs lifespan and prevents from current time chronic and degenerative illnesses.

According to USC Longevity Institute & Valter Longo Labs, Generational longevity populations across the globe in The Blue Zone, also known as centenarians live vibrant, active, happy, easy and illness free life.

To build shape, form and cellular structure out of solar radiation, plant life evolved to process radiant energy (sunlight) in 3 different ways.

Tree foods such as fruits and nuts for breakfast.

Bush/Vine/Plants such as grain foods, cruciferous vegetables, herbs and some berries for early lunch and later afternoon.

Roots and Underwater foods are nice for early and later supper.
This way you’re synchronizing your internal biological clock to the environmental solar and terrestrial 24-hour rhythm.

Live, Whole & Plant Based cuisine flows with natural rhythm, optimal body cleanse, lightness, nourishment, effortless movement, rest sleep and most importantly has potential preventive and energizing qualities. These benefits are more than ever important in our current technological and accelerating lifestyle.

It is also known that phytonutrients, fiber, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, electromagnetic energy are crucial for health, longevity, balanced weight, high energy and beauty.